Vapor Absorption Chillers

An energy-efficient heat recovery-based cooling technology with Thermax being a leading company in the world offering this technology.

Kirloskar Electrical chillers

Kirloskar founded in 1888, one of the oldest engineering companies in India, currently partnering with TOYOTA is our valuable & integral partners offering highly efficient Water & Air cooled Screw, Conventional Centrifugal and Oil free magnetic bearing Chillers.

Cooling Towers

 E3 Asia company Limited  as exclusive dealers of Paharpur cooling tower ( Marley collaboration for 35 years) promote and construct all types of cooling tower. The oldest installation in operation is located in Khon Kaen for 9.9 MW power plant and is off wooden type (approximately 24 years old.)

Along with power plant we do offer FRP / Glass fiber/ Utility type cooling tower for air conditioning application. The recent acquiring of SPX DRY COOLING system allows us to offer air cooled condensers & air cooled towers as well.

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